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  • Meet Nashville Songwriter

    Shane Stevens

    Selena Gomez, Lady Antebellum, Meghan Trainor

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  • FAQs

    What to expect

    How long are writing sessions?

    Sessions are typically 2 1/2 to 4 hours.

    Does the fee include accommodations?


    Your fee includes your writing sessions.

    NEW! We are now able to arrange accommodations and add those to your trip. Inquire for more details.

    Can I schedule additional writing sessions?


    Do I have to be able to play an instrument?

    No. While it is helpful, it’s definitely not mandatory.

    Am I young enough, old enough to participate?

    Custom writing trips are for artists 14 and older.

    Camps are divided into two age groups 13-17 or 18 and up.


    So Are We.

    Experience Songwriting is a division of AMP U, a full service A&R company dedicated to helping artists develop. Our team of life-long musicians and music-lovers have worked with many of the brightest stars in the industry and thrive in advocating for artists on projects big and small.